Red Dahlia

White Swan

Snow On Docks

Yellow and White Dahlia

Wildflowers At The Ocean

Tide Pool Sunset

Sunrise Wave

As a wave is breaking, the rays of the sunrise “hits” the wave with brilliant sunlight. The naturally illuminated wave displays the drama. The background is muted and gives depth to the scene captured on film.

Suede Beach

The beach below is shaped in a graceful arc, with the appearance of the texture of suede leather. The aqua blue color of the ocean blends beautifully with the light brown color of the beach.

Soft Pink Dahlia

Snow Alpine Creek

See the very soft natural light playing across the snow on the top of the picture. There is a reflection of a tree branch reflected on the snow. In the front is the edge of a stream with rocks to complete the winter wonderland scene.


Four Sandpipers drowse in the sun, by the Sea, enjoying the soft sounds of the sea.

Red and Yellow Dahlia

Ocean View 2

Morning Scene

Mansion in the Sky

A surreal, dreamy picture with a colorful scene of wildflowers in the front, and a misty White Mansion “in the clouds” in the background. The overall effect is one of a peaceful scene.

Icicles Hanging

A picture of Icicles, hanging from the Flume, with a rock and an appearance of a cave in the background.

Harbor Sunset 2

Notice the clouds crossed like swords, the buildings in the setting sun looking like a Chinese Pagoda, the ocean in the foreground completes the scene.

Harbor Sunset 1

Dahlia 2

Dahlia 1

Cypress Trees in Silloette

Christmas Cards #2

Christmas Cards #1

Tide Pool Sunset

A picture taken from a shelf of volcanic rock towards the ocean. The sunset reflects on the pools of water, and also the sea.

White and Pink Dahlia

A beautiful Dahlia hybrid in a soft natural light, shows its colors.

Yellow Flower

An ocean flower stands out from the surroundings with bright yellow petals and the flower stands tall to stand out.

Triple Wave

This esoteric picture features three golden waves shaped like arcs, reflecting the sunlight to bring a reflective mood to the picture.


This mountain lion chose to approach me and sit very near. Notice the peaceful, relaxed expression as he looks at me.

Sunrise Wave

Soft Pink Dahlia One

Snow On Mt. Rose

A snow covered mount Rose rises majestically above Lake Tahoe, in the background.


This Sea Lion pup emerged from the ocean and climbed up the beach, then turned towards me, and approached.

Sea Anenome

Raven and Seagull

Raven Flying

A Dreamy picture featuring a beautiful Raven flying along the beach. See the open outline of his wings outline against the sky.

Purple Dahlia

A Purple Dahlia naturally illuminated by the soft light.

White Sunrise

The natural yet striking colors in this picture are on shapes of land shaped like natural planes. The vibrant green on a cliff, a sky striking with in light pink and purple shades make a colorful, restful scene.

Children Playing at Sunset

As Sunset nears, children enjoy running along the beach. At the right side of the picture the setting sun's golden reflection can be seen on the ocean and beach.

Phampas Sunset

Phampa grass dramatically silhouette against a setting sun.

Phampas Sunset

Opaque Dahlia

A special picture with a purple and white Dahlia “glowing” with an opaque light.

Golden Sunset

A beautiful golden sunset is down the waves, with some kelp contrasting with the light in the front of the picture.


A White Tiger up close and personal. See the opaque blue eyes as they look directly at me with intelligence and interest. A beautiful picture.

Jug View Two

Jug View One

Ice Plant

Ice Plant located along an ocean side bluff glows from natural sunlight. In the background there is a reflection of light on the ocean.


Humming Bird

A Hummingbird takes a break by resting on a branch near a flower. (A Hummingbird only rests when they feel safe, and unthreatened.)

Fuschia Study

Using all natural light and color to dramatic effect, notice the beautiful colors Purple and blue blending naturally in the FUSCHIA combine for a dramatic picture.

Fringed Dahlia

Flume Three

A picture of Icicles, hanging from the Flume, with a rock and an appearance of a cave in the background.

Icicles Illuminated

A picture of curving railroad tracks, Icicles hanging from them, and a stream alongside.

Fire Maple

Located in a garden by the sea, the Fire Maple is accompanied by Heath and Heather herbs. In the background some trees and a rustic fence complete the bucolic scene.

Designing Dahlia

An unusual white Dahlia “allures”viewers with its center curled in distinctive shapes. A stunning, vibrant picture.


A golden Dahlia aglow with indirect light filtering across the flower.

Cypress Sunset

A classic picture with the setting Sun captured alongside the silhouette of a small Cypress Tree, their similar size adds drama and a symmetry to the picture. A powerful dramatic picture.


A friendly seagull hangs out with me, (good company) gazing contemplatively into the distance. In the background of picture is a Canadian Goose feeding, and some wildflowers to complete the scene.

Canadian Goose

Two Canadian geese search for food as some Seagulls swim in the lake in background.

Botanical Stream

Looking at the brightly lit stream as it disappears into the distance, the effect is one that reminds one of the Secret Garden.

Lakeside Winter Show